Witloof Chicory –this vegetable included to lettuces create’s characteristic, extended, whitely – yellow heads with refreshing bitter taste. We can make rigorous salads from it, also tastes superbly on hot. Recipes.

It is a two summer plant. In the first year of vegetation, plant generate’s granary root, which cumulates energy and food supplies. In the second year, in forcing process, from the root, witloof chicory head is formed. In fact, it is the floral shoot covered with leaves.

Its a vegetable, which is known and valued in countries of Benelux . While at us, hardly popular   in spite of, that it heve wide nutrients advantages and know’n from many years remedial advantages inter alia:  used as medicine on liver diseases and against obstructions. For more info see: Chicory Healthy Plant


Chicory grows in dark places. She loses flavouring advantages under the influence of light. Properly it should be stored in darkness. Buyer’s should take attention on its colour, which have to be whitely-yellow. Green chicory is a less tasty vegetable