Cykoria_Kwiat_may_format.pngHealthy plant known as early as antiquity, used in herbal medicine from ages shows universal, charitable influence on health and beauty.

She is one of mediterranean diet ingredient – diet number one in the world (preventive in civilization disease model).

One cob of chicory (150 grams) contains 31 calories and meets daily needs for:

Plant with large spectrum of influence for human organism.
Stimulates burn of fat and speeds up metabolism, as well as absorption of nutritions ingredient (Manganese) – thanks to that she is the best on dieting.

Bitterness contained in chicory heve bile effect. They increase production of gastric juices, as well as they stimulate movements of the stomach and pancreas activity. For a long time, chicory was used as a medicine for liver ailments, and against obstructions.

Due to the content of vitamin A and C, the body is protected from infections and colds.
Chicory consumed by nursing mothers stimulates milk production (due potassium content).
It has anti-cancer effect.


Is used for the control of psoriasis and for the treatment of acne.
It helps to fight insomnia. 


Vegetables should be stored in a dark, cool place, otherwise lose their health and taste qualities. 
Before slicing vegetables should be washed, otherwise it will lose valuable bitter substances.