Chicory as a medicinal plant

The medicinal plant already known in ancient times, used for centuries in herbal medicine, has a comprehensive, beneficial effect on health and beauty.

It is one of the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet - No. 1 diet in the world (model for the prevention of civilization diseases).

The chicory head (150 grams) contains 31 calories and meets the daily requirement for:

vitamin A in 49%
vitamin C in 9%
folic acid in 29%
manganese in 11%
fiber in 5%
beta carotene in 50%
microelements (iron, Potassium, Zinc and others)

A plant with a large spectrum of impact on the human body.
Stimulates fat burning and accelerates metabolism and absorption of nutrients (Manganese) - making it the best natural preparation for slimming.

The bitterness (intubine) contained in chicory has a cholagogue effect. They increase the production of gastric juices and stimulate stomach movements and pancreas functions. Chicory has been used for a long time as a remedy for liver problems and for constipation.

Thanks to the content of vitamins A and C - the body is protected against infections and colds.
Chicory consumed by nursing mothers stimulates milk secretion (due to the content of potassium).
It has anti-cancer activity.

It supports:

cleansing the body of toxins
building of bone and tooth structure (Phosphorus)
hemoglobin production (Iron)
skin reconstruction (A and C)
fight free radicals antioxidant activity (vitamin A)
preventing skin aging
skin color and health (beta-carotene)

Used to fight psoriasis and acne.
It helps in the fight against insomnia.


The vegetable should be stored in a dark and cool place so that it does not lose its health and taste qualities.


Chicory is a vegetable belonging to the family of biennial salad plants. It forms elongated white- yellow heads with characteristic refreshing bitter taste. We can make raw salads from it, and also tastes great on hot.

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