Chicory F1 Cars

Difficulty level:          Preparation time:
Easy                            25 min



2 large chicory,
feta cheese,
fresh cucumber,
Dill sauce,
red grape


Separate leaves from the chicory and pierce them with toothpicks in 2 places. At the ends of the toothpick, add a grape to create a car. Peel and cut cucumber and avocado into medium cubes. Cut the feta cheese into cubes and chop the chives finely. Place all ingredients in a salad bowl and pour the finished dill sauce. Gently mix. We put the prepared stuffing on chicory cars.


Chicory is a vegetable belonging to the family of biennial salad plants. It forms elongated white- yellow heads with characteristic refreshing bitter taste. We can make raw salads from it, and also tastes great on hot.

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